In my journaling and meditations I often receive messages of DANCE and LISTEN. This has been going on for quite some time.

I get the “LISTEN” but the “DANCE” not so much, perhaps freedom, flow.

If anyone reading this is a dream interpreter, I would love to hear your insight.

Last night I dreamt I was auditioning for something taking place at a college or some sort of game, probably football. Some family members were with me. I declined the first time. The second time I was told I had to as the person who was going to do the part was unavailable.

I was alone in a square room. I was told to listen for the word dance. When I heard “dance” someone would come into the room and for me to be prepared to be asked to dance. I walked around the room “listening”. I could hear people walking by, talking, lots of action but did not hear the word dance.


Dance is the language of the soul

I’m not sure how I knew, maybe all the commotion outside the room stopped, but I knew the scene was over. I walked out of the room and coming towards me was the director, he told me I did good, could have done a couple of things differently in the act of listening, but overall good job, and he started saying dance, dance, dance and then I notice who he was talking to, Dance was a dog.