New Beginnings

Last week I started a post and I loved how it was flowing and then I accidentally deleted it. Don’t you hate when that happens. There was no way I could recapture what I had shared.

Two weeks ago I moved into my new home. I sold my home that Richard and I bought together, spent our entire married life in. It was such an emotional time but I never doubted that I was doing the right thing, that advice don’t make any hasty decisions for awhile, wait at least a year, BUT when the universe speaks, LISTEN.

I knew I could not stay in the Lennox house, financially, emotionally and a 2300 square foot home for just Sophie and me.

On a whim, or was it, I’ve been asking for guidance, praying, I searched “waterfront” home. Yeah, a girl can dream. But what popped up surprised me, Discovery Bay. Not too far from where I lived and closer to family. I saw a condo that I really liked and once again I did something I would never do, put in my info knowing a real estate agent would contact me. Yep, shortly after entering my name I received an email. I explained my situation, I was just testing the waters, ha ha ha, and although I knew where Discovery Bay was I was not familiar with the area. He suggested we meet and he would show me around. I called my younger sister and told her and she was so excited, YES, I’ll go with you!

Little did I know how much my life was going to change. We checked out some places in Discovery Bay but Don suggested we go check out a 55 plus community in Brentwood. He felt it would be a much better fit for me, lots of activities especially as I was moving somewhere where I knew no one.

The first house we walked into I KNEW this was my home. I saw myself living there. The light that streamed in through the kitchen, the colors of the walls and the tile floor, 45 days later I am writing from my bedroom, looking out the window seeing the sun rise. There is a walking path and an orchard behind me, so peaceful.

I put my trust in people I did not know but I do KNOW they were brought into my life to help me with this transition. TRUST and SURRENDER. Not easy but I knew I had to in order to make this happen.

When I was packing I found an envelope that said “open when you move into your new home”. I thought I had written myself a letter but it was’t. It was a manifestation what do I want to be, what do I want to do, what do I want to have. Ha ha one of them was blogger extraordinaire. Well, a girl can dream . . . may not exactly be extraordinaire but if I can help just one person, be an inspiration to just one person, then I have fulfilled another one of the things I wrote down, what type of person are you, and I wrote inspirational as one of them, the other two were resilient and loyal.

Well, it is time to start a new day, one filled with new adventures and unpacking MORE BOXES! This home is only 1200 square feet and although I sold about 80 percent of my furniture, even my bed, I have way too much STUFF, and am now weeding through it. I am excited that there is someone here in the community who does interior design and we are going to be working on getting the second bedroom all set up as my art studio, totally rustic!! I will be sharing this with you!

Have a wonderful day! TRUST and SURRENDER! LISTEN!!!