Grounding Tools

I’ve been feeling on edge and loopy last couple of days. Dealing with a dispute through PayPal and we are in an endless loop, I had some negative energy that was stuck, mine and others, and I haven’t been grounding myself lately which inspired me to write this post this morning.

What I’ve been feeling, agitated, scattered, body not able to relax, monkey mind. Sound familiar?

Here are some tools I use to get myself back into a calm flow state. Sometimes, like this morning, I need to use several if not ALL my tools, lol

Sage. I love using the sage spray as it’s easy to use, smells wonderful and safer, lol, as I tend to get loopy and forget things.

A “worry” stone or any rock (thank you, Amy, for reminding me!). I used to carry the brecciate jasper worry stone with me all the time during Richard’s illness. When I felt stressed, angry, scared I would reach into my back and rub my fingers across the stone, very calming, quieted the mind. Any rock will do, a piece of Mother Earth.

Grounding and/or Cutting Cords meditation. I use Insight Timer. And if you can, do the grounding meditation outside, connect your body to Mother Earth, lean up against a tree, lay on the grass . . .

Putting your hands in cold water (thank you, Amy!) I didn’t heat the pool this year, I’m thinking a dive into the pool would work!!

Most importantly BREATHE. Focus on your breath. There are several different techniques, counting, mantras to help you concentrate on your breath.