Fly Free Retreat

What a WONDERFUL weekend I spent with my Soul Sisters!! Fly Free Retreat was hosted by Shannon and Sandi of Soul Chicks and Kolleen Harrison

The retreat started with being greeted outside as I drove up! The personal touches meant so much. From the moment I stepped out of the car “real” life took a backseat and I was incased in a love bubble (soul chick speak)

Friday started off with an amazing dinner with views of the vineyard where strangers quickly became old friends. Our day began on Saturday with mindful yoga, followed by journaling, soul searching, sharing and witnessing. Our beautiful retreat came to an end on Sunday morning with a great breakfast, hugs and tears, our hearts full and a bonding of soul sistars that will not be broken!

If you want to be part of this sisterhood and restore yourself please visit Soul Chicks page to learn more about Shannon and Sandi and sign up for their newsletter!

I’ll let the pictures speak for the weekend . . . . .

Who Am I

I am a daughter of Frank and Julia

I am a sister

I am an aunt, a great aunt and a great-great aunt

I am a widow

I am a friend

those are the first things that come to mind BUT those are LABELS!

I AM so much more than that.

I am a gift from God

I am funny

I am strong

I am smart enough

I am good enough

I am worthy

I am loved

I am YOU and YOU are me

And what I just learned is

I am a free spirit that has been struggling to show herself but FEAR clipped my wings a long, long time ago.

Would I have spread my wings I would have been a Renaissance Woman, a photographer traveling the world, a writer, a healer, an artist living abroad.

I am not going to say I’m too old.

I am going to say


I am growing my wings

I will fly free